The Plan

I’ve been thinking…fretting actually about how to organize ourselves in such a way that helps us achieve our goal of producing a revolutionary (in terms of both design and performance) biomimicry designed bicycle.  Here’s what I’ve got:  We will begin with 7 bicycle designs.  I will contact, recruit, and beg designers to submit their bicycle designs based on our ultimate objective.  Then, in a series of design “meetings” we will group the bikes together combining, refining, mutating, and re-designing their disparate elements in an effort to 1) Maximize what we like about the initial designs and 2) birth a second generation of bikes from the first 7 designs.  We will continue this process of evolutionary deliberation, combining elements, allowing designs to die off, breeding mutations that exceed the capabilities of their “parent” designs.  Eventually we will arrive at  1, but  perhaps several bicycle designs that meet our final objective: A revolutionary biomimicry designed bicycle.

Once the design process is completed, this community will then turn from a community of like-minded designers to a community of like-minded fanatics.  By any means necessary we will have our bike(s) produced.  They will be manufactured.  This is imperative, this is what separates us from masturbatorial bike design competitions and industry trade shows.

This will be a long and difficult journey but one well worth undertaking.  Not only do we have a chance to change bikes and bicycling forever but we have a chance to advance a field of study (Biomimicry) whose promise fulfilled could help us save our world.  These are noble ideas and aspirations, but let us also remember that we will all get bikes out of the deal.  I can provide you with no further motivation.  Everything after “save the planet,” and “we will all get bikes,” is up to you.


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