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A Stunning Failure of Imagination

Ahhh…I love the smell of F1 Tech in the morning.  Unfortunately in the context of this blog the Beru Factor 001 is yet another example of the failure of imagination that now seems pervasive in the bicycling industry.

An impressive Failure

An impressive Failure

Allow me to clarify:  Are the designers and engineers of Beru Factor 001 dedicated, talented designers and craftsmen?  Absolutely.  Yes.  The Beru Factor 001 was designed specifically as a training bike for athletes as well as a display of the highest of the high-end Formula One technology.  Fair enough.  They gave themselves strict parameters and executed their goal.  The bike is stunning…as is the $27,500 price-tag.

I am bringing the Beru Factor 001 into this blog as yet another example of a missed opportunity.  At the end of the day this amazing bicycle is still the bicycle as we know it.  Derailleur, chain, two triangles.   Unacceptable.

Were this time, effort, design brilliance, technology, and money put into designing an F1 Tech, Biomimicry designed bicycle, how might the bicycling world react.  Beru had the people, the money, the resources, but not the imagination.  Thus, as beautiful as this bike is, I must chalk it up as an extraordinary  failure.

Well how could Biomimicry change the nature of the bicycle?  I’m glad you asked.  By looking to nature for design inspiration we could maximize the talent and resources of companies like the Beru .

The Cheetah is able to reach stunning speeds through the use of its spine as a massive spring that aids propulsion.  Could this be utilized to increase efficiency, influence design, or maximize any components of the bicycle?

Aerodynamics is an area in which nature has achieved some staggering results.  From the scalloped edges of humpback whale fins (already utilized to increase the efficiency of wind turbines) , to the rapid acceleration of the dragonfly.  Cycling could well leap into the evolutionary future by looking at what nature has already discovered (without the use of wind-tunnels).

Frame construction is yet another example of an area where nature has been making things lean and strong for millennia.  From bones to tree branches, bicycle frame construction alone could be massively advanced by synthesizing our ability to manipulate carbon fiber, and burgeoning field of nanotechnology, with what nature already knows about power to weight ratios.

I love the Beru Factor 001.  I love concept bikes in general.  What I detest is the lack of imagination,  availability, and affordability.  If it didn’t cost more than I make in a year I would probably try to buy one.  But the fact of the matter is that the boys at Beru missed a golden opportunity to rocket bicycles, Formula One, and Biomimicry into the mainstream.

Fear not…We here at Re-Inventing The Wheel will not make the same mistake.


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